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Executive Director в global family of schools and colleges United World Colleges

2-6-2021 | Лондон, Великобритания

The role:

The new Executive Director of UWC International will build on the progress of recent years, during which UWC has experienced significant expansion. Whilst it took 45 years to reach 11 member schools, UWC has grown to 18 schools in just the last ten years. Together with this growth has come the need for revisiting its governance structure to ensure more cohesion. The Executive Director will facilitate the transition of UWC to its next stage, which will require the development and maintenance of relationships across UWC and with external stakeholders and partners, as well as creative and constructive problem-solving within a diverse international movement.

As the Executive Director, you will be leading a truly international team of 30 highly dedicated professionals in London and Berlin as well as eight consultants based in various parts of the globe.

While reporting to the Chair of the International Board, you will support and work in close cooperation with the UWC International Council and UWC International Board, as well as with the 18 schools, more than 155 national committees, and 60,000+ alumni, so as to extend UWC’s reach and impact. The UWC movement is steadily gaining momentum. This is an exciting opportunity to fulfil an inspiring mission.