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Content Guardian

8-12-2021 | Таллин, Эстония

Main Responsibilities:

  • Review and act upon user generated content on social media platforms; review and take necessary action as per the defined policy and terms and conditions
  • Provide insights and trends on content reviewed
  • Provide feedback and suggestions on review process and workflows
  • Provide suggestions for product innovation
  • Perform general data entry and other related tasks
  • Embrace and adapt to changes in type and nature of work, policy and procedures at short notice
  • Follow all hot cues and alert mechanism and comply to all such processes at all time
  • Respond to user inquiries with high quality, speed, empathy, and accuracy


  • Excellent Russian and good level of English
  • Active Social Media presence
  • Attention to detail
  • Ability to work with multiple tools/web browser windows simultaneously
  • Ability to work in teams
  • Knowledge of MS office/Google suite
  • Ability to quickly utilize hot cues and key command shortcuts preferred
  • Strong oral, and written communication skills
  • Previous content moderation and BPO experience is an advantage

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